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Problem solved.

Patients' health and hospital spending has been negatively impacted for years as a result of hospitalized patients failing to perform the prescribed exercises. This thesis looked into ways to use motion sensors to boost adhesion rates.

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What came out of the research phase was the significant effect of companionship on motivation. The external motivation is highly responsive through interactions . therefore one of the main requirements of this product was the physical movement to demonstrate unity in the product and users' minds. the. design began to shape a modular product where the user is able to more individualize it to their needs 

each block repesent one friend who is partner weith you in cardio activies! each tiome an indiviual decides to practicee, by flapping the wood into triangle will notify the other friends. 

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the mobile application is an extension to the capabilities of WEGO, in the spp, you can view your WEGO status. you can message and add your fellow athletes and even assign a calendar to your group schedule

my role in the group

in each phase of the app, I had a different responsibility. research phase, sketching and brainstorming were the initial tasks, the app was designed by me 

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