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Individual project

The financEd goal is to promote healthy attitudes toward financing from the early stages of independence for young adults.  According to self-determination theory (Ryan and Deci, 2017), competence, autonomy, and relatedness are the sources of motivation and engagement for improving performance. Either intrinsic or external motivation drives every person. we hope to increase the intrinsic motivation that exists in young adults to become financially independent.

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 users can immediately become aware of the total balance of their combined accounts. Using the scroll menu, they can access individual and detailed issues of their expenses per each bank, or access the finance overview of all the accounts using the grip shortcut left blew the side of the mobile app. Financed in addition to education and in-case management provides the opportunity for the user to start their journey on new money, cryptocurrency. They can find the option to choose crypto or stocks. 

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Once the user has logged in to their account, on their home page. on the left side of their screen, they see the community tab. The community tab takes the user to their social platform page where they can check messages from friends or notifications from banks, courses, etc. as well as connect with new friends to increase their circle and share insights and opinions regarding finance. The community page behaves as a social media platform that connects the people together with the same. 

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