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group project


Connecting farmers with customers by creating a distribution service of (ugly) crops. The service will connect different farms, by creating one central selling point. So that customers do not have to visit all the farms separately. We want to be seen as a distribution service, rather than the brand selling the food. We want to target eco-friendly and environmentally interested people.

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Problem solved.

Patients' health and hospital spending has been negatively impacted for years as a result of hospitalized patients failing to perform the prescribed exercises. This thesis looked into ways to use motion sensors to boost adhesion rates.

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design of the dispenser had to be modular, according to the needs of each neighbourhood, the components could be attached and increase the capability of one disponser. 

Farmstore wants to rent available storage space from the farmers. This is a sustainable/suitable choice as many farmers have empty storage space, which is equipped to store the crops already. By renting these already existing spaces, costs can be kept lower which means we can buy stock at a higher price and sell our product for cheaper.


  • How it works 

You, as a farmer, can work with us by selling your crops to us. Once a week a driver will come by to pick up the stock, you as a farmer do not need to put in extra work at all. We buy the crops and ensure the quality in our dispensers. If you want to rent out a storage space you can contact us also. Here we would also store crops from other farms if necessary. 


the app would allow the user and the farmer to speed up the process for their sake. the user can see the list of dispensers near them with their availabilities or choose the dispensers by the availabilities. 

farmers could book, rent any dispensers and schedule a pick-up

my role in the group

in each phase of the app, I had a different responsibility. research phase, sketching, and brainstorming were the initial tasks, the app was designed by me 

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